Essay on Beowulf, Sir Gawain And The Lion

Essay on Beowulf, Sir Gawain And The Lion

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Beowulf, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
have characters which protray the hero’s journey. In Beowulf, Beowulf stands out as a narcissistic
knight who travels to a distant country in order to prove his worthiness by fighting not one, but three attackers and dying in order to save the Heorot. Sir Gawain is tested but the Green Knight not mentally, but physically. Even being betrayed by her own brother, Lucy overcomes her anamocity and saves Edmund. These three characters all have one thing in common: they are heroes.
The prologue of Beowulf starts out with how well-known he is “through the north” (Beowulf, 19). Every individual detail is admired by people everywhere; including himself. Beowulf was nevertheless a unique knight who put others in front of himself. He was “the mightiest man on earth, highborn and powerful” (Beowulf, 197-198). The commonfolk lauded him for his bravery and strength against the evil. When Beowulf found out about Grendel, a monster terrorizing the Heorot in Denmark, Beowulf traveled with fourteen other men in order to fight Grendel. He slashed Grendel with a fatal wound to his arm and still was not pleased because the kill was not to his liking (Beowulf, 962). Following the fight, Grendel’s enraged mother attacked the people of the Heorot in order to get revenge on the death of her son. Beowulf, “the winner of fights,” defeats the attacker but this time decapitates her (Beowulf, 1311). “His courage was proven, his glory was secure,” oncr again (Beowulf, 1646). His final trial was against the dragon and was most likely his most alarming appoinent. Beowulf knew his time was coming to an end: he was old, weaker, and exhausted. Yet, he decided to put his life on the ...

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...out a country in the wardrobe is true” (Lewis, 48). Time and time again Edmund discounted everything that Lucy said. Yet, when Edmund was taken by the White Witch Lucy asked Aslan, the Lion of Narnia, and Mr. and Mrs. Beaver, her guides if there was ¨anything be done to save Edmund¨ (Lewis, 141). Indeed, there was. They rescued Edmund and instead of holding a grudge Lucy and the rest of her siblings said ¨that´s all right” and forgave him (Lewis, 153).
Beowulf, Sir Gawain, and Lucy all had different aspects that made them hereos. Beowulf travels to a distant land in order to save the people of the Heorot. Sir Gawain, after accepting the Green Knight´s challenge, follows through and comes to the realization that he is a true knight. Lucy overcomes her acrimony in order to make sure her brother is saved. Each distant characteristic makes all these characters heroes.

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