Beowulf Is The Perfect Representation Of A Hero Essay

Beowulf Is The Perfect Representation Of A Hero Essay

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A hero is someone who is admired for their courage and bravery, as well as their noble accomplishments. They are respected by almost everyone, due to their kindness and charitable mindset, that drives them to fight for the good of others. Beowulf is the perfect representation of a hero, based on multiple characteristics that he displays throughout the novel. Along with his characteristics, Beowulf also takes on many “hero like” challenges and tasks. In the novel, Beowulf is praised and admired throughout the kingdom for his bravery, humility, and selflessness.
In the beginning of the novel, Beowulf takes interest in the plight of Hrothgar, King of Denmark, and wants to help him fight Grendel. Grendel is a large monster that has been harassing members in the mead-hall of the Heorot. Beowulf owes Hrothgar a favor, due to the fact that Hrothgar saved his father in years past. Hrothgar is honored to have Beowulf attempt to fight the swamp monster, and decides to hold a feast in his name. When Grendel shows up to the feast, Beowulf illustrates his bravery by fighting Grendel without any armor. When Beowulf wins the battle by ripping Grendel’s arm off, everyone in the mead-hall praises Beowulf for his acts of courage. In this scene, Beowulf proves that he is a hero by fighting off a monster that everyone else was afraid of. This made him look brave, courageous, and tough in front of Hrothgar as well as everyone else in the mead-hall. Beowulf also displays his immense amount of strength in this scene by defeating a giant with his bare hands.
Beowulf fits the mold of a hero later in the novel when Grendel’s mother seeks revenge on him for killing her son. After Grendel’s mother slaughters one of Hrothgar’s advisors, Beowulf decides to ...

... middle of paper ... of the Geats, Beowulf matured and took on more of a leadership role in the community, as opposed to a warrior. Even though Beowulf was still a hero, he began to lead an army of geats and acted for the good of the people. In both cases however, Beowulf was respected by others for his admirable characteristics.
In conclusion, Beowulf clearly exemplifies the traits of a hero several times throughout the novel. Beowulf proves that he is brave, tenacious, selfless, and determined by fighting off multiple demons/monsters, that had the potential of harming the community. In the novel, Beowulf proves that he is the ultimate hero time and time again. He risks his life on multiple occasions, in order to protect the people close to him as well as the community. Beowulf never backed down from a challenge, and always showed bravery and honor when battling an opposing force.

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