Beowulf Is The Greatest Warrior Of His Time Essay example

Beowulf Is The Greatest Warrior Of His Time Essay example

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In England’s history, the country has had many different cultures come and go as the main population of the land. First there was the pagan population consisting of many barbaric groups like the Anglo Saxons whose way of life consisted of pillaging, brotherhood, and materialism. However, the Romans soon conquered the lands, bringing their own Christian religion. This changed the landscape of the country entirely, as Christianity preached peace, God, and righteousness. Beowulf was written by a Christian monk in an attempt to convert the previous Pagan population to the increasingly popular Christianity. As a result, Beowulf tracks the transition of the aging Anglo Saxon way of life to the new and improved way of life with Christianity. The author highlights each character’s relationship with God through the use of allusions to God and the Bible in order to show the shifting values of society and gain more followers of his faith.
The eponymous of the poem, Beowulf, is the greatest warrior of his time, yet he cannot make such a huge impact without the help of God. Beowulf represents a lot of what the Anglo Saxon culture emphasized on. He is an excellent monster slayer, has a band of warriors he is extremely loyal to, and, through all of his hard work, gains an immense amount of gold and glory to his name. However, in this epic poem, that still is not enough. Although he is mightiest of all the Geats, Beowulf still needs the help of God during his battles in order to come out victorious. After his close fight against Grendel’s mother, Beowulf acknowledges the role God played in helping him succeed, saying that he would “have been dead at once, and the fight finished, the she-devil victorious if our Father in Heaven had not helped [hi...

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...atter how virtuous or heroic, were damned” (Brown 2). This served to not only convert the Anglo Saxon audience but reminds them to stay faithful to Christianity’s pillars or they would be doomed to an eternity of Hell.
Although Beowulf at first glance seems to be another epic poem, there are subtleties that the author includes to show how Anglo Saxon life is slowly changing into a life in the name of God. Anglo Saxons have a huge emphasis on strength, battle experience, and gold which every epic hero has in abundance. However, Beowulf shows that the most important aspect is the favor of God in which it was only fate that Beowulf came out victorious in his struggles because God is on his side. If the audience wants to be like Beowulf and instill all his same values for the same kind of success in life, the audience needs to turn to Christianity and the might of God.

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