Beowulf : A Unique Epic Poem Essay

Beowulf : A Unique Epic Poem Essay

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Beowulf is a unique epic poem written around 700 A.D. by an unknown Anglo-Saxon poet. I am extremely glad I chose Beowulf to study for this project. I had already read Beowulf in high school, so I could spend more time reading and analyzing the text in detail while reading it this time. Through preparing and delivering my colloquium project, I learned a lot regarding the context of Beowulf, ocean currents and sea features, and a touched briefly on Beowulf’s “immortality.”
Although Beowulf was first written around 700 A.D., the first printed copy was not in circulation until 1815. Beowulf was written in Old English, which eventually evolved in the English language used today. Since Beowulf is one of the earliest known works written in English, it is extremely likely that it helped develop English literature; this also may be a component as to why Beowulf is still read today. The author of Beowulf did an exceptional job of tying in historical aspects of the Anglo-Saxon people, such as their culture and values. Many of the characters in Beowulf correlate to actual historical figures, su...

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