Essay on Benjamin Solomon Carson : Family Of Robert Carson And Sonya Copeland

Essay on Benjamin Solomon Carson : Family Of Robert Carson And Sonya Copeland

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On September eighteenth nineteen fifty-one, in Detroit, Michigan Benjamin Solomon Carson was born into the family of Robert Carson and Sonya Copeland. At the age of eight his parents divorced and his young mother was left struggling to provide for her two boys alone. Sonya took up as many as three jobs at a time to make ends meet (Doyle). With nothing much to their names, Ben and Curtis both grew up with no interest in their studies, Ben especially disliked them and had a hot temper to go along with his ignorance. Sonya decided that her children would not grow up uneducated and adopted a strict routine for the boys and made them study harder. Thanks to his mother’s guidance, Ben became serious about his studies, and soon he became the top student in his class and later graduated with honors from Southwestern High School. He then decided to major in psychology at Yale University in nineteen seventy-three. Here, he would meet his future wife Lacena “Candy” Rustin in nineteen seventy-one. After he had graduated from Yale, Ben decided that he wanted to become a physician and went to the Medical School of the University of Michigan. While in medical school, he became interested in neurosurgery and specialized in this field receiving his M.D from the University. From this point in Carson’s life, he became a father, a well-known and respected physician, and an author. In 2015, Carson found himself surrounded by questions and frustration from the people around him about the government and politics. The question most asked was if Carson would be running for President. Although he made it clear many times that he did not want to run, after much prayer for God to show Ben what He wanted him to do, Carson felt God had opened the doors for ...

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...ncil on American-Islamic Relation (CAIR) as an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood and supporter of terrorism” (CITATION NEEDED.
Abortion, health care, same sex marriage, immigration, and ISIS- Ben Carson has some fixed plans to execute these topics that he is basing his presidential run on. Ben Carson, from what I could see, has extremely powerful biblical morals and a level head about most everything. From what I have learned about Carson’s views on the five topics I have chosen, I think he would be a very good choice for President. He is willing to learn and get help in areas that he has insufficient knowledge. I think he approaches problems with caution and he has more than one idea for different plans that he has shared with our country, but again he is willing to get help where he is not strong. I believe Ben Carson could do a great job as president.

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