Benjamin Franklin : The End Of His Life Essay

Benjamin Franklin : The End Of His Life Essay

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Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin was born January 17, 1706 in Boston Massachusetts. He was a writer, inventor and scientist. By the end of his life, Benjamin Franklin (1706– 1790) was one of the most recognized people in the Western Hemisphere (Chaplin, 2006, p.1). There were seventeen children raised in the Franklins home and Ben was child number fifteen. Also, he was the last son to be born.
Boston Latin School was where Benjamin received education. At the age of 10, Franklin was removed from school and put to work with his father. His father was a candle maker but dipping wax and cutting wicks didn’t intrigue his imagination. When Ben was 12, he published his first article in the New England Courant while being apprenticed as a printer for his brother. Franklin soon after wore out his welcome and left. He headed to New York and then Philadelphia around the age of 16. In 1732, he set up shop as a printer. He was appointed clerk for the Pennsylvania Assembly in 1736 and Postmaster in 1737. Poor Richards Almanack was a very popular magazine and Benjamin got to publish it in 1741.
Through Franklins’ success, he met Deborah Read. September 1, 1730, Ben was able to make her his common law wife. They had a son born in 1732, although he died 4 years later of smallpox. In 1743, Deborah and Ben had a daughter and named her Sarah (also known as Sally). The son and daughter were not Ben’s only children. He had one other son named William when Benjamin was 24 years of age. He was his first child and illegitimate.
The famous Kite and Key experiment was conducted in 1752. Some of Mr. Franklin’s theories on electricity were published the prior year. Of course, Benjamin Franklin did not invent electricity but he did bring it to light and...

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... The final document signed by Benjamin Franklin, at the age of 81, was the United States Constitution.
Benjamin Franklin had a very successful and long life. He accomplished many things throughout his years. He suffered from empyema. His lung was filling with pus that was brought on by pleurisy and high temperatures for many years. Eventually, his lung burst and he passed in to a coma April 17, 1790. He died at 84 years of age. It was estimated over 20,000 mourners gathered for his funeral. He was buried beside his wife Deborah and his son who had died from smallpox was also in the family plot. Thousands of tourists visit his grave which is secured by iron bars and a gate across from the National Constitution Center. They often throw pennies for him as he is also known for his famous quote, “A penny saved is a penny earned” and also, “Remember that time is money.”

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