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Essay Benjamin Franklin, Biography

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During the eighteen century, many colonists were in search of an identity that would shape them as an independent nation. There were great people who wanted to make a difference for their society and that were willing to devote a life for the common well. People like Benjamin Franklin, who characterizes for having a sense of improvement, and that looked for a better society. Benjamin Franklin contributed in many ways to the American society during the eighteen century. He made scientific contributions and inventions that, as intended, helped to improve the quality of living, and as precursors of later developments. He also played a very important role as a political lobbyist, which accomplishments shaped the American Revolution. While being an inventor and a political lobbyist was a remarkable facet on his life and two of his great contributions two society, it was the role as writer and journalist his greatest contribution, because it served as a means of progress and betterment of society and what led him to his other great accomplishments.

As a journalist, he published for nearly twenty-five years the Poor Richard’s Almanac, it was translated to different languages and brought to other countries like France. This was a great contribution for many people who did not have regular access to books. It served as a means for education, an served as an instrument of virtue, and encouraged people to create wealth by working hard and being honest. Benjamin Franklin was very concerned that his readers received a good product, thus very often he included excerpts from another newspaper, The Spectator, and some of his own writings too. Nonetheless, he tenaciously made sure of the veracity and quality of the material that was going to be...

... middle of paper ... goals mainly by using his master ability of conciliation and persuasion by his printed word.

Benjamin Franklin was a very successful man; he was a multifaceted citizen who always pursued the betterment of his society. As he grew in his writing skills, he applied them to every aspect on his life. Most of his greatest achievements are heavily related to his singular ability to reach consensus through his letters. He contributed to society with scientific research and innovative inventions. He played a key role as a political lobbyist and Diplomat. Nevertheless, it was the power on his writing what made everything possible, in almost every historical aspect where Benjamin Franklin was involved, we can find something in common, which is the influence of his printed word what made the difference, and what brought consensus on critical public and private affairs.

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