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Benjamin Franklin and Literature Essay

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Benjamin Franklin and Literature
Benjamin Franklin holds a massive role in the United States’ history. Franklin was involved in various fields, from inventions to politics. However, Franklin also played a key role in the creation of modern day American literature. Without this exceedingly influential character, the colonies might have remained under British control, and as a result, not have their own literature; furthermore, his literary works led to a shift in almanacs altogether.
Benjamin Franklin, born Sunday, January 17, 1706, in Boston, Massachusetts, was the tenth child to Abiah Folger and Josiah Franklin. As he grew older, Franklin’s father wanted him to become a preacher. Therefore, at age eight, he attended grammar school to pursue this goal. Unfortunately, because of financial reasons, he transferred to Mr. Brownell’s school for writing and mathematics less than a year later. At the age of ten, Franklin then left the school performing very well in writing, and not as well in arithmetic. From there, Franklin started to work for his father at their candle shop, until a much more promising career path opened up to him (“Franklin Institute”). At age twelve, his brother James, offered him an apprenticeship as a printer. Franklin always enjoyed reading immensely, and felt overjoyed at the opportunity (“A Quick Biography”).
After three years of serving as James’s printing apprentice, James eventually opened up his own newspaper. At the time, James’s newspaper, The New England Courant, was the only newspaper to report local news from the colonies. While working at The New England Courant, Franklin wanted to write for it, but knew his brother would never give him a chance. As a result, Franklin wrote letters to the paper unde...

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...Franklin actually assisted in the separation of the colonies from Britain, and thus allowing the United States to develop their own culture, and their own literature. This proves that Franklin may be the ultimate contributor in the creation of American literature.
Franklin successfully influenced the states in more than one area. Franklin changed the fields of literature and technology forever in the states. However, not all of his influence was direct, an example being the American Revolution. Because of the advertisement and support his paper gave the war, the colonies eventually earned their freedom and ultimately developed their own style of literature. While the outcome of Franklin’s contribution may not have been immediate, the results were noticeable without doubt. For reasons such as these Benjamin Franklin was truly a Founding Father, in more ways than one.

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