Benjamin Franklin : A True American Citizen Essay

Benjamin Franklin : A True American Citizen Essay

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He was seen as a giant of a man, but he was only average height. He only spent eighty-four years on earth, but he was a man of many faces and served in many roles for our nation. He is the definitive symbol of a true American citizen. He is one of the most respected and identifiable people in America. From the 1700s to the 21st century, it is virtually impossible to find a resume that is comparable to his life. Even though his face appears on the one hundred dollar bill, he was not elected president of the United States. This man is Benjamin Franklin. After reading the Benjamin Franklin 1706 – 1790 article, to only select three prominent characteristics on which to focus an essay on is a formidable task based on his personal and professional achievements. The three prominent characteristics used to describe Benjamin Franklin are inquisitive, successful, and a leader.
Mr. Franklin was known for his inquisitive mind which allowed him to pursue science. With his never ending curiosity, he explored a diverse range of topics such as the common cold, ocean currents, music, earthquakes and agriculture (Heath). His practical application of ideas and dreams were used for common and useful inventions. He would forever change the world we live in with his kite experiment which proved lightning was a form of electricity. With this knowledge and understanding he unlocked the mystery of a natural phenomenon that would no longer be feared. The lightning rod invention would take the world by storm with rods appearing on buildings all over the world. With this invention, he was elected to the Royal Society in London in 1756 (cite). Benjamin Franklin also believed that we had to understand ourselves and the world we live in. A few of his i...

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...ontributions to the American Revolution and the formation of the new Federal Government His inquisitive characteristic allowed the world into his mind and it would realize that the human mind could unlock mysteries and turn them into useful inventions. He achieved success with respect, honesty, failure and determination. With his leadership characteristic, it allowed people to embrace his wisdom, humility, enthusiasm, and acknowledge him as a founding father of our nation. Each of these characteristics, were his foundation that would allow the people to build their dreams upon. Each characteristic could stand on its own, but together, all of these characteristics worked as a team that helped America and Benjamin Franklin succeed. Benjamin Franklin was a self-made man, a man of the people as was confirmed when several thousand people attended his funeral in 1790.

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