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Gaurav Solanki
Dr. Marc Dluger
History 121 – Civil War Paper
December 9, 2015
Benjamin Butler during the Civil War Era
Benjamin Franklin Butler was born on November 5, 1818, at Deerfield, in southeastern New Hampshire, almost seventy miles north of Boston, Massachusetts. He was the newest of John Butler and Charlotte Ellison Butler 's three children. Butler 's father served as a chief of dragoons during the early part of the War of 1812 before grieving a stark leg injury that ended his army occupation.
As Butler 's achievement as an attorney grew, he became lively in politics as a member of the Democratic Party. Like many Democrats, he braced the Compromise of 1850 and faced closure. In 1852, voters elected Butler to a seat in the Massachusetts House of Representatives. He spent most of his term, which initiated in 1853, fighting unfair policies innovative by members of the Know-Nothing Party. He also maintained labor reform legislation, including adoption of the ten-hour work day. In 1858, voters elected Butler to serve in the state senate. One year later, Democrats selected Butler as their candidate for governor of Massachusetts, but he was soundly beaten by incumbent Republican Governor Nathaniel Prentice Banks.
In 1860, Democrats nominated Butler as a delegate to the party 's national convention at Charleston, South Carolina. Butler originally supported Illinois Senator Stephen Douglas as the party 's presidential candidate on the first seven ballots. When Douglas failed to obtain enough votes to secure the proposal, Butler rolled his support to future Confederate President Jefferson Davis on the next fifty-seven votes. When the Democratic Party divided after weakening to nominate a presidential nominee, Butler later supported...

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...inia Peninsula for the rest of May, interpreting it nearly useless in support of Grant 's larger acts.

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