Benjamin Bloom Created Bloom's Taxonomy to Guide Educators Essay

Benjamin Bloom Created Bloom's Taxonomy to Guide Educators Essay

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Education and the theory of mastery learning were not just ideas for Benjamin Bloom. This American educational psychologist believed that higher understanding and mastery learning would be achieved through three domains developed for educators to set for their students known as Bloom’s Taxonomy.
Benjamin S. Bloom was born February 21, 1913 in a small community just outside Lansford, Pennsylvania. Bloom had an unquenchable curiosity towards the world. Benjamin was a prodigious reader and a very accurate researcher. He never missed an opportunity to read something new and remembered the contents of each and every page well. This only fueled the fire for Blooms advancement and devotion for education.
In college Bloom received a bachelors and masters degree from Pennsylvania State University in 1935. It wasn’t uncommon for Bloom to keep expanding his knowledge and in March of 1942, Benjamin Bloom received his Ph.D. in Education from the University of Chicago, where, shortly after receiving a Ph.D. became a university examiner in 1943 and an instructor in the Department of Education in 1944, which he held until 1959. During his years at the University of Chicago, Bloom published numerous books and articles that, partial to his ability for higher learning, made him one of the biggest benefactors in today’s educational world.
In 1956 Bloom wrote the Taxonomy of Educational Objectives in the cognitive domain, made contributions to mastery learning, and made the model of talent development. Just a few of his things he provided in the areas of education. He headed most of his research towards the study of education objectives where he found that any given task corresponds with one of the three psychological domains. Bloom created th...

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...tudents and educators. Anderson provided more structural changes to Blooms Taxonomy and although they’re almost identical in comparison, they actually have significant differences. A better summary appears the RBT (Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy) and the majority of the changes only appear on three of the categories.
On September 13, 1999 Dr. Benjamin Bloom, a leader in the creation of Head Start died at the age of 86. Through his adventures and many remarkable contributions to the world of education, Dr. Bloom made many significant changes in how we look at students and educators. His Taxonomy alone changed the face of education and more importantly gave understanding on how to get students to remember what they’re learning.
“The field of education, and more important, the lives of many children and adolescents are better off because of the contributions he made.”

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