Benefits Of Volunteering For Children Essays

Benefits Of Volunteering For Children Essays

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Volunteering has been committed for years, no matter the social statue, people have attributed time to impact others. Volunteerism is when a person uses their own time or talents for the greater good in their community, “Today, nearly one in four Americans, an estimated 64.3 million people, have served as volunteers.” (Rosenburg) The internet has strongly help contribute to these numbers with advertising, allowing people to find opportunities in their community. In times of great despair, we need volunteers. To not only help the afflicted, but to provide strong hearted comfort. However, volunteering does not have to be done during times of harsh adversity. It can be done in ways such as volunteering to clean your church, or working at a soup kitchen to feed the homeless. Sometimes even the simplest acts can have an impact, and as volunteers that’s what we strive for. As no money is involved or personal financial benefits, a sense of selflessness is needed, to focus on the tasks at hand. But much knowledge can be gained, and that’s why I plan to volunteer at the North Mississippi Medical Center. I can not only volunteer at North Mississippi Medical Center in hopes to help others, but to acquire significant knowledge of the medical field, that I can use in the far but near future.
As a volunteer I want to not only choose the best available organization to help others, but to also gain useful knowledge. I have found all of this and more at North Mississippi Medical Center,(NMMC) where they allow volunteers to work in clinical areas; assist with patients, and work in a variety of departments. NMMC in Tupelo serves many guests, “The medical center serves more 730,00 people in 24 counties in north Mississippi, northwest Alabama and por...

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...e’s life. I plan to not only benefit myself, but to generate an impact on patients, and comfort them through whatever challenged time they may be going through. I chose this organization in hope make a difference in others’ lives and my own as well. Which is very achievable in every organization with the need of volunteers, and with the will to help which I have.
At the North Mississippi Medical Center, I will be able to impact lives and acquire knowledge of the medical field that can impact my future greatly. It would be a very beneficial opportunity to work with the trained professionals at NMMC, where I can gain resources. I hope during my time there I would be able to share many smiles with patients, and to meet the strong goals that they set here. Being a volunteer you don’t expect to benefit much, but the sky is the limit at North Mississippi Medical Center.

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