Benefits Of Using Teas And Meditation For Insomnia Essay

Benefits Of Using Teas And Meditation For Insomnia Essay

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One of the positive benefits of using teas and meditation for insomnia is that there are no serious side effects and they are non-habit forming, unlike prescription medication. For example, Valerian root has been found to have sedative properties on the brain and nervous system. Some people who are trying to withdraw from the use of prescribed sleeping pills use valerian to help them sleep after they have tapered the dose of the sleeping pill (Beddoe). In addition, integrating the use of valerian and other therapies to help relaxation can minimize or eliminate the dependency of the prescription drug.
It is shocking to know that Americans take more prescription drugs than any other country in the world. One of the reasons why Americans consume so many prescription medications has to do with the power and influence of the pharmaceutical companies and the FDA. The article “Americans Take Too Many Prescription Drugs” proposes a strong argument on the prescription medication issue. Dr. Bremner explains that the FDA receives input from doctors, who in return get payments as consultants, research grants and support for travel to conferences from pharmaceutical companies. Dr. Bremner gives an example which was reported by USA Today that states:
Eight of the nine doctors who formed a committee in 2001 to advise the government on cholesterol guidelines for the public were making money from the very same companies that made the cholesterol-lowering drugs that they were urging millions of Americans to take ("Cholesterol Guidelines Become a Morality Play").
This is a perfect example that illustrates the conflict of interest between the FDA, pharmaceutical companies, and prescribing doctors.
Along with the conflict of interest, Amer...

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...s will have an advantage and will meet consumers demand.
Therefore, conventional medicine and alternative medicine can coexist to better our health care system. In our current health care system, doctors are prescribing too many prescription drugs to suppress or mask symptoms, but yet do not look at the patient as a whole to improve overall health. Incorporating alternative therapies can help reduce or even eliminate the use of prescription drugs. In addition, including alternative therapies can help reduce medical cost in the future by giving patients healthier options to manage pain. Finally, conventional and alternative medicines both have different strengths and both can be used efficiently to deliver the best health care possible. There are several positive benefits of integrating alternative therapies instead of relying solely on prescription medication.

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