Benefits Of Unpaid Internship At College Or University Essay

Benefits Of Unpaid Internship At College Or University Essay

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Internships are optional experiences to take in order to have an idea of how our future will be with the career that we choose at college or university. Not many majors or countries offer to help the students on the professional field. Finding a job can be hard nowadays, but being open to applying for challenges, such as unpaid internship opens more opportunities for job hunting after graduation. Doing an internship during school hours have more at outlook on the transcript because the grade of the internship will stay on the transcript. Also, the knowledge is recent and the brain is ready to learn more. Internships prepare the people for the future and to know what to expect from the job they apply for. Personally, I have done an unpaid internship and would do another one any day.
The benefit of doing unpaid internship is the skills gained. For example, the skills of communication with others co-workers would bring more strategy to any field. Learning the skills needed to follow the rules of the job is also good work strategy. For example, if the intern takes a lunch break, the best thing to do in order to build responsibility is be on time, do not be late back to the job. Also, maybe take advantage of the break and finish some work, learn about the environment or how to use the punch-in machine. Being in time will give the good image to the boss of being a responsible worker, and that the intern is taking the job seriously even though there is no pay involved; the boss might even think that if not being paid the intern is being responsible, maybe being paid the intern would do even better. Others skills would be the hands-on work skills. The hands-on work would help the student to practices all the reading that he/she had done ...

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...y for them. But this shows that many people are willing to do anything to achieve their goals, in this case to pursuit their happiness.
In my personal experiences, taking an unpaid internship in my college years was the best decision to take. I had never worked, and an internship helped me in creating a better resume and experience. Also it helped me to create a portfolio for a future job. A college professor that gave the internship course talked to the companies’ managers, and told them to give the same challenges as a real worker, and that was what really improved the skills and experiences. Also it made me realize that it was the work I want it for my future. Being an intern is a gain, it is something that helps positively in many aspects. Internships prepare for the real world, and they give the experience that might be needed for the dream job that we all want.

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