Essay about The Benefits of Therapeutic Communication

Essay about The Benefits of Therapeutic Communication

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Therapeutic communication is a crucial and necessary tool that should be used on all occasions when dealing with a patient in the health care industry. I found the vignette video ‘Pregnant Stroke – Incident Scene’ to be a good example of how therapeutic communication should be used to create a human connection between patient and professional.
The video involves paramedics attending the scene of a female having suffered from a stroke whilst pregnant. Allied health professionals initially perform a brief medical assessment on the patient by checking her vitals inclusive of blood pressure and heart rate. Where possible, the paramedics asked the patients husband appropriate questions to grasp a better understanding of the history, the situation and how it may have occurred. Through a systematic process, the paramedics guide the patient and her husband through a difficult time, through the use of effective therapeutic communication. The paramedics were immensely empathetic at the incident scene and this was conveyed through the act of touch when necessary. From the patient’s perspective, empathy shows to them that we are sensitive and understanding towards their situation. This form of therapeutic communication is subtle yet highly effective in gaining trust thus allowing the patient to feel comfortable in disclosing all information. (Sanders, 2012) The paramedic is also honest yet sensitive toward the husband’s anxious enquiries regarding his wife and unborn child. Instead of providing false reassurance, the paramedic insisted that further tests be carried out before anything could be confirmed. Allied health professionals adopted a similar stance and maintained an appropriate distance from the patient further adding to the patients...

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...terpreted with the encoding or decoding process. (Sanders, 2012)
Having the opportunity to view this video has increased my understanding of why therapeutic communication is a fundamental part of health care which in future will allow me to effectively relate to a variety of different patients in a range of different situations. I will endeavour to always be aware of my surroundings, use of body language, discerning of my choice of words and empathetic in my approach when dealing with any kind of patient. These key elements all form part of the therapeutic communication process which all mesh together to improve patient outcome.

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