Essay on Benefits Of The Tuition Reimbursement Program

Essay on Benefits Of The Tuition Reimbursement Program

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Scenario one stated many different problems with a variety of different solutions. This scenario is very close to me as I am in almost the exact same situation as scenario one describes. The situation is ,I am currently working for a company and have been with this company for eleven years thus far. I have been taking advantage of the tuition reimbursement program that the company offers its employees however, I have recently been offered a supervisorial role in a competitive company. They are willing to relocate me and increase my pay by fifteen thousand dollars. If I accept this position I will have to relocate within two weeks and I will not be able to finish the courses I am currently enrolled. Unfortunately I will be due to take finals at the time of my move and I do not think I will be capable to being able to juggle a major move as well as finals for my graduate program. The current classes I am enrolled in are very important because they are required courses I need to take in order to obtain my bachelors degree. Though I am being recruited for this new position from a prior supervisor if I take this position I will be giving up any further tuition reimbursement if I was to abandon my current company and accept this companies offer. I would also most likely not be able to financially and physically finish the remaining courses I have left to obtain my bachelors degree because I anticipate that I will be very busy with the work load that the new position will have.
When analyzing this problem I see that this problem stemmed from me getting an offer from a past supervisor who now currently works for a this new competitive company. This old supervisor probably remembered my skill sets and thought that I would be a perfect...

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After turning down the other position I would make it a major priority to do well on my finals and to finish up the remainder of my courses to obtain my Bachelors Degree. As soon as I obtain my degree I would inform my supervisor that I want to begin a Masters Degree program immediately as I am eager to learn and grow within the company. I would also try and set up a succession plan with my supervisor that has set dates as to when my schooling will be completed and when I expect to receive any kind promotion or pay raise that comes with having a degree. This way my supervisors will be made aware that I am eager to move up in my career and the company did not waste their time or money when they paid for my education.

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