Essay about Benefits Of Temporary Jobs For Youth For Summer Employment

Essay about Benefits Of Temporary Jobs For Youth For Summer Employment

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Many companies offer temporary paid jobs to youth for summer employment, although it is beneficial to the youth workers, some companies may take advantage of them. In many ways, these companies made youth employees feel overwhelmed, underpaid, and unfairly treated. Through personal experiences, while being a youth worker for two amusement parks as previous summer jobs, I felt overwhelmed, had less time to do social activities, and underpaid.
The study of sociology exposes to individuals of the unique way of seeing the social world. Going more into depth with the aspect of sociology, we are able to see the relationships between individuals and the larger society in which we live in. There are many theories and concepts that can relate to many situations that occur in our world. Many students go out looking to gain knowledge of practical work experience, to gain responsibility and self-esteem. Participating in the labour force as a youth worker, they may not get all the luxuries and money they can have since they are temporary workers for the summer term. Karl Marx, a theorist, defined this situation as social class, “a group of people who share similar relationships to labour and are aware of their conflict with other classes” (Ravelli & Webber, 2013, p. 51). Youth workers will start to feel this way with their other co-workers and become aware of what is happening in the workplace. Many employees who have higher hierarchy or are older of age will get certain benefits than those who are below. Youths will start to feel alienated within in the workplace where they are treated with lesser value and are exploited in the workplace. The workplace is a place of alienation where workers do not have control over what they produce (Bradfo...

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...ompany. Although once hired, and coming in on my first day was terrifying, we wore heavy, thick uniforms in the hot weather, and it was a long day. Eventually I thought I was going to get used to it, but it only got worse. Communicating with other workers who were older, were getting treated differently than the younger and new workers. This comes to Karl Marx’s theory of alienation. I felt alienated and was treated differently than my other co-workers who had the same position as me. When it came to receiving my pay, I found it quite low compared to others. At the time I was 16, working 40 hours a week sometime overtime at a pay of $9.60/hr. Noticing how much the company was making a day from customers coming into the park, I felt exploited. I was not receiving the pay I deserved, or the pay they should be paying their workers for the job requirements we were doing.

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