Benefits of Technology Incorporation into a Classroom Setting Essay

Benefits of Technology Incorporation into a Classroom Setting Essay

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Today, our society is more technologically advanced than it has ever been, and our schools have become more technologically progressive over the past few years, but does having technology in the classroom help or hinder the students from learning? A quote by John Dewey from his book Democracy and Education stated “If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.” Integrating technology into classrooms is not only essential in preparing the students for the future, but it is also an effective teaching method. Many surveys and studies have been done about using technology to teach students. Even as early as 6 years old to college level and the outcomes have varied, depending on the way it was introduced and incorporated into the classrooms. This paper will be focusing on the benefits of effective technology incorporation into a classroom setting.
Technology in schools have not always been accessible; in the early 1990’s, only 35 percent of public schools had access to the internet and only 3 percent of instructional rooms had internet connection. (Kleiner and Farris 2002). One of the more popular technologies that were in use at that time was the overhead projector where instructors could utilize these overheads to project handouts, worksheets and notes to the whole class in a more concrete way. This type of learning was popular because it gave students a chance to see the work rather than it being verbally read to them. As more technology developed, it became apparent that it could help in furthering the knowledge of students.
Computers, laptops, smart boards, iPads, touch pad devices and other technologies have gained popularity in schools over the past decade and they have been more available ...

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