Benefits of Technology in the Classroom Essay

Benefits of Technology in the Classroom Essay

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Do you ever think about how much technology has changed the way we work, learn, play, and even think? Technology is a major beneficiary to society; especially in the classroom where we get the opportunity to learn and grow. In recent years, schools have begun implementing tablets and other devices in the classroom to better student’s education. The use of technology in the classroom provides more of a personalized learning experience and gives students a widespread availability to engage in learning. Technology is necessary in today’s modern globe, it is basically “the pen and paper of our time and the lens through which we experience much of our world” (Warlick, 2013). Technology is not just considered the “internet”, it is so much greater than that. Overall, it enhances the quality of education and engages students deeper than ever before. With all the significant gains, why would people argue that technology hinders students more than it helps? Critics may try to repute the use of technology in the classroom but I believe what really matters “is the way we use it, the context that we use it in, and the learners who we use it for” (Chong, 2012).
Some say that technology is a distraction and hinders the students from fully learning and developing important skills that they claim only the interactions with the teacher can provide. Teachers have said that technology is a powerful tool that allows them to introduce and demonstrate learning activities in a completely new way. It has been studied and proven that most kids are more motivated and interested in the concepts they are supposed to learn when the teaching tool of technology is used. A fifth grade teacher stated, “Technology is the ultimate carrot for students. It's somet...

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