Benefits of Sustainable Business Practices Essay

Benefits of Sustainable Business Practices Essay

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Sustainability could be defined in many ways. It could be defined as the process to sustain a process or develop new technologies to reduce environment pollution. It also means a measurement how badly the environment is being polluted by other factors. I have to admit that sustainability is a great idea related to many fields such as healthy, economy, food, social, and etc. However, I still remember the first day of “Sustainable Business” class, Professor Laverty showed to my class an example of sustainable product with the idea of “produce more with less waste”. This example narrows me down to one idea of “Sustainable Business”, which is producing the product and services in an efficient and sustainable way without causing harms to environment. In this essay, I want to emphasize into impacts of businesses on environments, profitability of sustainable business, and responsibility of business.

Jeff Butcher and Rachel Hill pointed out the impacts of businesses on environments, by stating “The more of a product that is consumed or produced, the more of an externality that results” (Butcher, Jeff, & Hill, Rachel, 2006). Obviously, we can see that one product produced will bring benefit to consumer, sellers, and manufacturers. Meanwhile, one produced and consumed will cause negative externalities for environment. There is one fact we cannot deny that the more social life develops, the more externalities will be produced to the society. Daily living garbage, industrial wastes, carbon dioxide from factories are most outstanding examples to describe negative externalities to environment (Butcher, Jeff, & Hill, Rachel, 2006). In “The tragedy of the Commons”, Hardin showed us causes of negative externalities. He proved that people assume a...

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...ount of water use and prevent environmental pollution from not producing dying chemical waste to environment. Even though these actions will not solve all environment pollutions, they are good reflection of attempting to steps to increase positive externalities.

In conclusion, I have to say that there is a solid invisible relationship between impacts of businesses on environments, profitability of sustainable business, and responsibility of business. When one of these ones changes, it will effect to others. When a business adapts efficient and sustainable system, it will reduce negative externalities and increase positive externalities to environment. Once the business adapted efficient business model, it will reduce cost and maximize its profits. Obviously, the sustainable and efficient business model will make the business social more responsible to environments.

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