The Benefits Of Spanking Children Essay

The Benefits Of Spanking Children Essay

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The Benefits of Spanking
Recently, NFL superstar running back Adrian Peterson was arrested for allegedly severely disciplining his four-year-old son. This latest news has sparked another fresh debate over whether or not parents should be allowed to spank their children. What Peterson did to his children was very wrong and harsh, and it is not the type of spanking that is tolerable. There is a difference between disciplining a child by mildly spanking them for making a mistake they made and between taking out anger and venting emotions by harshly hitting their children. Spanking a child mildly that sends a clear message to what they have done wrong can be a very effective tool to shape their behavior in a positive way. Jamie Wilson stated that she is “an advocate of spanking children…..for major transgressions.” However, she states that this does not mean she is “a crazed authoritarian.” Her sole purpose on why she spanks a child is to let the child know that “he or she has done something far beyond the pale.”
Spanking is one of the most effective ways to deter a young child from undesirable behaviors. Simply reasoning and taking things away from them such as their privileges will not work with young children because they are not at the age range where they can fully understand. Merely taking away a child’s privileges or toys will only cause them to behave when they want something. When children learn to live without the privileges their parents are holding them hostage to, they will eventually stop listening and obeying them. Spanking allows children an opportunity to learn and change because they will discover that any negative behavior that they do will always have repercussions. When they are spanked, they will kno...

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...seen. Research shows that “young children spanked by their parents may grow up to be happier and more successful than those who have never been hit.” (FOX News)
Parenting is one of the most difficult tasks that parents have to do, and none of us can do it perfectly. Without corporal punishment, children will be lost and will do whatever they want despite being wrong. Spanking, when done correctly, can have a positive effect on the future of a child. Even though it is unpleasant in the beginning, it will pay off in the long run. It will teach children to stay away from actions that are deemed undesirable because they will always have repercussions. Not only that, it teaches children to always respect the authorities no matter what. Most importantly, it instills in them the lessons that their parents have taught them that differentiate what is right from wrong. 

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