Benefits Of Small Business Ownership Essay

Benefits Of Small Business Ownership Essay

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Karen Solazzo is a local small business owner. He founded the company Gatehouse Properties Inc. and their goal is providing high quality property management services with integrity, professionalism and respect for their clients. The company owns 7 houses around Conestoga College (Doon campus - Kitchener) and they rent out the rooms for national and international students. Currently, there are more than 45 tenants and every year this number tends to grows because the company is always reinvesting in their business.

1. How long have they been in business?
It has been officially since January 1st, 2014.
2. What does he or she feel are the advantages and disadvantages of small business ownership?
• Pursue your passion. You can do what makes you happy.
• Help people. Use products and services to improve people’s lives.
• Flexibility. Work your own hours. Eventually have more time with your family and friends. However, this is only applicable once your business is established and you have employees handling the majority of necessary responsibilities.
• Sense of Security: financial independence & freedom: No one else is signing your paychecks. Make more money. If you want a pay raise, you can give yourself one.
• Tax benefits. Write off your biggest expenses Note: while you do get to write off lots of expenses as an entrepreneur, make sure that you have a certified accountant to assist you.
• Build a personal brand. Take the time to develop your personal brand, and tie it into your business’s. Create something from scratch. Watch your organization grow from start to finish.
• You can stop working. Work you enjoy doing can’t be described as “work.”
• Get recognized. Start earning name recognition and build a reputation. Pr...

... middle of paper ...

...gth of your spirit Health of yourself is wealth, Inspiration matters, therefore, you must continue to always see the positive aspects of every thing you are face with and towards people. Do not neglect your family and friends… what is the point of success if you have no one to share it with. A solid foundation at home sets you up for strong and solid results. A huge amount of joy can be found in cultivating beautiful relationships with your family and friends.
4. Identify his or her entrepreneurial characteristics, traits and skills. Back up your findings with an explanation.

5. In their opinion, what does the future of small business in Canada look like?
I feel that it is extremely exciting with the Internet exposure, the amount of job innovation and creation. The economy changes and Lifestyles have evolved, therefore the demands are greater, more than ever before.

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