Essay on Benefits of RFID in Supply Chain Management

Essay on Benefits of RFID in Supply Chain Management

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Overview of Automatic Identification techniques used in SCM
Automatic identification is a technique which is used as an identification method for keeping appropriate stock units in the supply chain management, uses technologies such as RFID, barcodes etc. (Automatic Identification and Its Role in Warehouse Management, 2013). Automatic identification is a process of automatically recognizing the items, gathering the information about them, and entering that information right into computers without human intervention (What is Auto-ID, 2013). This process can also include gathering of external information through images, sounds or videos, transforming it into a digital file and keeping this file for future use. In order to manage these huge amounts of data, Automatic identification uses sophisticated IT infrastructure (Automatic Identification and Its Role in Warehouse Management, 2013).
Automatic identification finds its uses in delivery, discarding, picking, and packing (Automatic Identification and Its Role in Warehouse Management, 2013). “The automatic identification technologies include barcodes, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), biometrics, magnetic stripes, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), smart cards, and voice recognition” (What is Auto-ID, 2013).
Overview of Barcodes in SCM
Barcodes is an automatic identification technique used in supply chain management. Barcodes encode the product information and has an optical machine-readable representation of information relating to the item. Barcode readers, scanners, desktop printers and smartphones is be used for scanning the Barcodes (What is Auto-ID, 2013).
Overview of RFID in SCM
Radio Frequency Identification is an automatic identification technique used ...

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