Benefits Of Retention Strategies For The Job Market Essay

Benefits Of Retention Strategies For The Job Market Essay

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The job market can be a confusing place when taken at face value, there are plenty of available jobs, but there are not many people to fill those jobs. How can unemployment be so high when there are so many jobs that are just waiting for someone to apply. The truth is that while the job market might seem like you can have any position you can think of, most people just aren’t qualified for them. There are many jobs that require little to no skill to obtain and usually do not provide enough money to live well from. The reality of the competitive job market is that companies seek out not only the best qualified individuals, but the ones who have proven ability in the field. To meet this need, companies have developed recruiting strategies to draw in the best people, coupled with that they have retention strategies and practices to ensure their employees remain loyal and do not wander away.
For this paper, I chose three companies that have nothing to do with one another to help determine if retention strategies might be particularly unique to the field the business operates in. I chose Microsoft, Pfizer, and 3M, let’s examine how Microsoft views the problem. For most of its existence, Microsoft relied on a website to recruit new talent, even having a different website for each country or regionally area that displayed jobs available. It was determined that the architecture of the job seeker sights was clunky, outdated, and difficult to navigate. Microsoft, around 2006, redesigned their job seekers website to provide for a more fluid, enjoyable experience. They have also incorporated several of the social media sites to both update their methods and impress potential new recruits. Per the statistics gathered in the article it must...

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...ts online, tuition reimbursement, outplacement assistance, and accelerated leadership development.
The aspect of new technology workers and how to get them interested in the companies mentioned does not seem to be prevalent in any of these companies other than 3M. I think they are sought after but on a case by case basis. For the most part the companies seem to guard their recruitment techniques and I believe this is for good reason. Knowing the quality of the companies mentioned they probably do not have a difficult time recruiting, more likely retaining high quality employees is the more difficult task. To me, the strategy of cross training the workforce to increase flexibility and provide new experiences is most appealing. The knowledge that my hard work will be found a home that I enjoy and excel at is exciting and I would seek a company like Pfizer to work at.

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