Benefits Of Renting A Car Essay examples

Benefits Of Renting A Car Essay examples

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Natalle Chan (20621216)
Dr. Boba Samuels
ENGL 109
Wednesday, March 9, 2016
Often the only time many families will rent a car is for travelling purposes. Even those who own expensive cars may find that renting a car is a better option for them. There are several reasons people rent a car for example, when going on a vacation, people prefer renting a car so they do not have to rely on public transportation. As well, for special occasions such as reunions, high school graduations, and anniversaries it is nice to rent a luxurious car or limo. Likewise, if you are moving furniture into a new house, renting a truck may cost less than paying for the delivery charges. Car rental companies such as Avis, Enterprise and National use commercials to demonstrate how their services are beneficial to the public and attract customers. Commercials are specifically designed to make the viewer attracted to purchasing their product. I believe that some advertisements are very persuasive and effective at creating desire for their rental cars. This essay will mainly focus on the comparison between Avis commercials and other car rental companies.
Avis commercials tend to attract people through their emotions as their intention is to advance its corporate fortunes through these commercials. From the three commercials that Stanley Fish described, they make their viewers feel affectionate and sympathetic towards the main character of the clip. In the first clip called “Look Back”, Stanley Fish explains how a man gets out of his car in a rainy parking lot with a voice-over of the car’s perspective as its owner is going away with Avis. The man harshly kicks the door, leaving his coffee on the roof of the car and begins to walk away. The car starts to...

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...his company uses their company’s mission as there method of persuading and attracting others. By stating that they allow the consumer to have full control, they are establishing the customer’s rights and benefits.
The National Company effectively uses diction through the choice of words to convey an effect to the viewer. The main character in the commercial constantly repeats the idea of being the boss of yourself and being able to control everything. With the constant reminder that you can be the boss of yourself, viewers can be attracted to the idea of being able to have choices and to control what they desire. In comparison to the Avis commercial, Enterprise repeatedly emphasizes a point rather than capturing the attention of the public through their senses. Enterprise
Although all the car commercials use a variety of techniques in order to persuade the public,

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