Benefits Of Regular Physical Activity Essay

Benefits Of Regular Physical Activity Essay

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Benefits of regular physical activity
Regular physical activity improves quality of life, longevity of life, and brings happiness. Being active does not have to be difficult, there are many ways to make exercise a part of your life, make it become a routine. Do you want to feel better physically and mentally? Do you want to look better? Decrease your risk of disease? Enjoy your life longer? By being regularly active you can score for all of the above. Exercise can be very beneficial when done regularly. How often does regularly mean? According to the Canadian statistics 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise can bring great results to the human body. There are many benefits resulting from exercising, and living an active life:
Better sleep
Moderate exercise leads to more relaxed sleep patterns and has been proven to decrease stress. The chemical that lets us sleep are a by-product of your body burning sugar for energy during the day. The more sugar burnt through physical activity, the more these chemicals are released in the body, and enable better, deeper sleep. Our functioning during the day is better after a good night sleep.
Exercise is all about setting and achieving a series of goals. A lot of people start by walking only for a half an hour every day, than graduating to running a mile a day. Soon you may be running several miles a week and lifting heavier weights. You may be losing weight, or improving your stamina. When you feel better physically, you feel better mentally, helping you to develop a positive attitude and the emotional stamina needed to take on personal goals. You have the energy to overcome obstacles. By meeting small successive goals, physical activity promotes a sense of accomplishment....

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... Not everyone likes to lift weights, or run on the treadmill at the gym; not everyone has to, it is your choice what physical activity you want to proceed with. You can always take small steps at a time, and slowly chase your goal. Overall, being healthy and living long, happy lives are proven results of physically active lifestyles.

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