Benefits Of Recruiting And Advertising Victims Online Is Not An Achievement Enough

Benefits Of Recruiting And Advertising Victims Online Is Not An Achievement Enough

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As if recruiting and advertising victims online is not an achievement enough, traffickers exploit the fact that using the Internet will benefit them in a long run due to the capability of the Internet to store information timelessly. According to Moldovan, the Internet allows “permanent retransmission of data without the victim’s possibility to prevent it. The site is visible anywhere in the world connected to the network at any time” (90). The information about the victims will remain online unless removed by the uploader. However, other traffickers may take advantage on the information related to any attractive victims to boost their own revenue by sharing the details on their websites. Unlike anti-trafficking organizations, traffickers work with one another to ensure that all of them obtain a win-win situation. Even though they are not able to provide the same victim to their future customers, they continue to share his or her information online to trap customers into thinking that they have the best “escort” service. Thus, even if the cops detain the original uploader, the victims’ information will still be online until all offenders are captured. In most cases, the traffickers win over the law enforcers as the victims continue to live in shame even though they have been saved by the police. Many anti-trafficking organizations are aware of the “continuous nature of the crime” and are finding ways to combat this issue. Alas, the anti-trafficking organizations’ progress cannot match the pace that of the traffickers’ for they improvise on their MO daily while law enforcers still struggle to cope with the initial impact of the offence.
On top of that, the annual revenue of the sexual service empire increases multifold each year. A...

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... a success, the government and non-government organizations and tech experts in the United States need to collaborate and share their expertise and resources to dig out the traffickers who have already formed their very own network and recruited tech experts to cover up their online traces. Without the collaboration of everyone who has the power, resources, and intelligence who wants to see the end of this cybercrime, the offenders will always be in the lead in this non-stop race of exploiting and rescuing victims of sex trafficking in the United States. Until the authorities properly address and take measures to combat this human rights crisis, the traffickers will only use the Internet to their advantage, for the number of victims will continue to increase, and the sex traffickers will have an ever-growing empire with revenue that increases exponentially, annually.

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