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The Benefits of Private Enterprise Essay example

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Private enterprise is the ironclad foundation of the United States of America. Whenever this right is jeopardized, the stability of the country follows in a symmetric trend. However, the value of this system has not always been clear. Throughout time no country has embraced this system quite like the United States. Private enterprise entails the right to market and sell a product or service, as well as the right of purchase. Indeed the consumer, in his participation, is a private enterpriser (Lubell). The open markets, private initiative, competition, and private ownership defining private enterprise make it the healthiest economic system.
The consumer’s interest in private enterprise includes his freedom of choice, as well as the chance to purchase more and more, for less and less. From this perspective, the corporation becomes the slave of the public. This draws the interest of the American people. Power and control are a compelling force that drives the America public. Always looking for a new object to satisfy their needs, the people are on a constant patrol for the next big thing. Anything short of this will be disregarded, and thus the cycle begins.
With the opportunity of choice, each individual’s purchase becomes a crucial vote. Through the corporation’s moneybox, votes are tallied, and alterations are made to provide a product/service that will capture the consumer’s interest (Clark). In other words he holds the power to veto a product based upon his disapproval. The consumer is a fundamental unit of the economic cycle. “His power is crucial. Every cost of doing business, every tax, wage, salary, fringe benefit, material cost, interest payment, and so on, must be ultimately sought from one source, the cost...

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