Essay about Benefits Of Prescription Drugs For All Americans

Essay about Benefits Of Prescription Drugs For All Americans

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In the United States, the influence of health insurance continues to impact individual’s prescription drug usage. Many patients take advantage of their prescription coverage while other patients struggle to pay for that essential medication. Even though there has been some solutions to this issue, the problem is not completely resolved. As a health care manager, there are some recommendations I would suggest to have a positive impact on this issue.
People with health insurance are having more trouble paying for prescription drugs as higher out-of-pocket costs for medications continue to rise. Prescription drug prices are rising which is accounting for a large area of health expenditures. As a health care manager, the recommendation that I would suggest would be to lower the cost of prescription drugs for all Americans, Administration would take the appropriate steps to regulate the pharmaceutical market. As a result, it would protect consumers from the pharmaceutical companies ' profit motives and willingness to deny medication to individuals who need it the most.
In 2004, the average price of a generic prescription drug was $28.74, while the average price of a brand-name prescription drug was $96.01, according to the National Association of Chain Drug Stores (Meadows, 2005). "Many see generics as the only way they can afford prescription drugs," says Gary Buehler, R.Ph. Director of the FDA 's Office of Generic Drugs. "Still, there are some people who doubt generics because they think that anything that costs more must be better (Meadows, 2005). But the reason generic manufacturers can sell the drugs less expensively is not because the quality is lower. It 's because there is competition among these generic manufacturers, who do...

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...ounts of 15 percent to 40 percent on many of the company 's medicines to uninsured patients, regardless of age or income. About 15,000 people signed up for the program within the first few weeks that it began in April 2005 (Meadows, 2005). This method provides financial help to patients. It can also be a way for patients to take life-saving medications without having to struggle to pay for that medication.
Overall, the several recommendations I suggested, would help improve this issue within the United States Health Care System. Health insurance has a major impact on the use of prescription drugs and will continue to do so until there are stricter regulations. There has to be a change within our health care system and it has to start somewhere. In the future, I hope the recommendation I suggested are considered and improve categories within our health care system.

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