Essay about The Benefits Of Physician Assistants

Essay about The Benefits Of Physician Assistants

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The supply and demand of medical professionals constitutes a crucial role in the overall access to care and quality of care. Holland, formally known as the Netherlands, was predicted to be in a disequilibrium of health care workers in comparison to patients at the start of this millennium. The increasing age of the general population and number of retiring physicians posed a major concern (Kuilman, Nieweg, van der Schans, Strijbos, & Hooker, 2012). Physician assistants (PAs) have proven to be an innovative and successful solution to health care gaps in the United States for the past 50 years. The Netherlands looked toward the United States as a prime example and implemented a similar PA model into their own healthcare system. PAs were first introduced into the Dutch healthcare system in 2001 and the total number expanded to 900 PA’s in 2013 (Van Vught, Van den Brink, & Wobbes, 2014). According to Timmermens et al. (2015), PAs in the Netherlands are trained in a “dual work-education model, which means that students are employed within a particular medical specialty from the day of their enrollment” (pg. 396). After graduation, PAs are employed in primary care, specialties, and hospital settings, proving to benefit more than the healthcare gap alone. The results of several studies have revealed many additional benefits, which will be discussed throughout this analysis. Implementation of PAs into the Dutch health care system has led to greater efficiency, patient acceptance, provider continuity, and access to care.
Greater Efficiency
Using PAs in health care settings allows for greater efficiency and decreased wait times. Increased patient loads on physicians, along with extensive wait times in Dutch emergency rooms, have both bee...

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...ial success and positive outcomes of incorporating PAs into the team of professionals that are capable of providing medical care. Dutch PAs go through a slightly different training and academic model compared to the United States because they are supervised by one physician consistently throughout their schooling as opposed to having several different preceptors. Despite these differences, authors from various studies have reported similar outcomes on increased efficiency and effectiveness in a multitude of health care settings. PAs are just as competent as physicians with no apparent variance in the health of patients. The profession was initially introduced to address an impending healthcare gap, but the additional benefits have proven extensive. The future is bright for health care in the Netherlands and equally bright for the potential of the PA profession.

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