Essay on The Benefits of Online Universities

Essay on The Benefits of Online Universities

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It is a well-known fact that sometimes teachers are not able to respond to challenging questions and students have to look for the answers themselves. When I, as a student experienced the same, I made the decision to learn such topics from internet sources to compliment what we have studied in class. The result was astonishing; even though I haven’t fully studied in the classroom, I could pass my exams successfully. So, I came to the conclusion that online education may easily surpass the traditional, classroom-study one. However, there are some people who believe it is impossible . I have compared both pros and cons of 2 education styles, and detected in which field they will be beneficial, and in which their implementation will cause harm. It is fair to assume that online education is more accessible, less expensive and more democratic than classroom study, hence should be more promoted. On the other hand, traditional education has numerous advantages, such as real social interaction, which is not covered in online education. However, It seems that combining them would be wisest way, for the reason that many educational fields have different features. For instance, medical lessons need more practice in the laboratory, while lectures on history can be taught through the internet. It is essentially important to understand differences between them, because us- any graduates and me need to choose university wisely.
Online education, especially online universities has numerous advantages, which enable them to easily substitute traditional education. One of the greatest reasons why people choose online degrees is flexibility of courses. As an online student, you do not depend on time schedule more. Moreover, who have less free time b...

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... made assumptions based on generalizations. My survey possesses some limitations too. There are only 50 people asked by questionnaire, it is hard to rely on this kind of data. I would seriously enlarge my data next time. Age and specialization of asked people varies from teens to adults and from scholarly experts to students of schools. I have asked 7 specialists on education field, though I feel it isn’t enough. Another research method – Google search is not perfect. In some cases, it has shown me ads banners, but not a source. However, it is more useful than other search tools. In conclusion, my personal perspective about online universities has changed. I thought Online Universities have no chances to become real educational center. Despite this, during my work I have understood that, if few things will be changed, they can even surpass traditional universities.

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