Essay about Benefits Of Online Courses On College Students

Essay about Benefits Of Online Courses On College Students

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Online Courses

Going into High School students get a small taste of adulthood between trying to balance between two things of importance: (1) education, and (2) working. Fortunately for minors, Labor Laws have been put into place to restrict work times to make sure that no student seeking a secondary education falls behind in their learning. Once graduated from High school a student is no longer protected by those same Labor Laws. At this point learning to manage time effectively to balance both a job and education is a necessity. Schools should offer online courses because it allows flexibility, self teaching and a non-traditional format.

Being a college student and an employee to a business are two separate lives that somehow intertwine. It 's hard finding the time off of a job to do school work, asking for the time off is just as hard and nearly impossible. With online courses, flexibility is not an issue, and the best route for many students."In one survey, students indicated that the second highest reason to take an online course was to work at their own pace. (Pape, 2006)", (Metz,7). Taking an online course has no exact set time. In other words, when you have the free time is when you can take the opportunity to learn. It 's different from taking classes on campus due to set times that are mandatory to attend: If you miss a lecture you have to take notes from someone else 's notes from lectures or if you miss crucial information well its too bad for you. And of course too many missed classes and you could be dropped from the class. Online courses have no exact set time and the lectures are videos that do not disappear after first watch. You can re-watch them as many times as you would like to continue absorbing the me...

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...d think that taking an online courses welcomes cheating, people who pay to take a course to learn and take time from their own day typically do not cheat any more or any less than those in attendance. No matter what, there will always be students who cheat to make a good grade/ But a majority of the students earn their grades through completing the course curriculum. It doesn’t matter if a student takes online course or goes to campus, anyone can cheat.

In conclusion, online courses are a great alternative to school. Online courses offer flexibility to work with any type of schedules, student 's self teaching and a variety of courses available. Yes, people will always state that online courses give more chances of academic integrity, but no matter what academic integrity is always an issue. Overall online courses offer more benefits to students than the downsides.

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