The Benefits of Obamacare Essay

The Benefits of Obamacare Essay

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Because millions have been able to free ride the health care system Obama emplaced a new health reform changing thousands of lives, making healthcare affordable for all people and giving citizens who are already covered new or more benefits. Healthcare has always been a pricey yet necessary asset to life. In the 1920s the middle class seemed to have struggled with the growing cost of medical visits. In the late 1920s a Dallas hospital started to offer joint affordable healthcare for only $.50 a month. Soon other states started to use the same method. The US began to identify the process as the Blue Cross. In that same year the stock market crashed and the Great Depression started. Essentially crushing everyone's financial stability, the cost of healthcare had no intentions of slowing down (HNN). Seeing as though the American Medical Association’s plan to make healthcare affordable failed, seven of the nations former presidents attempted to come up with their idea of affordable health care.
Shortly after Franklin Roosevelt won his presidency, he came up with a program called the Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA) he said it to be a fundamental health-care for human rights(HNN). However Roosevelt planned to include the national health insurance to the Social Security Act, but the American Medical Association persuaded Roosevelt to remove it. The second world war soon taking Roosevelt’s attention and putting many important reforms on hold, including health care.
Towards the end of world war two the federal government put a strict wage on many industries. With Harry Truman in office he decided to create your personal health insurance called the "Fair Deal." Giving a special address to Congress November, 1948 he addre...

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...tative Services at no-out-of pocket costs, essential health benefits like emergency care, hospitalization, prescription drugs, and maternity and newborn care must be included on all non-grandfathered plans at no out-of-pocket limit.
you can't be charged more based on health status or gender, plus many more benefits, rights and protections.
Employees who aren’t insured are now eligible for health insurance. Also, many smaller firms will be able to hire more workers due to their ability to provide them with better benefits at cheaper rates. ObamaCare itself funds the creation of tens of thousands of new jobs in Government and healthcare sectors. More people will try to create their own business so that they're not dependent on an employer. Obamacare creates jobs based off health, and funds scholarships and loan repayment to assist students who pursue health careers.

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