Benefits of No School on Fridays Essay

Benefits of No School on Fridays Essay

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Students around the Nation have always pleaded to have no school on Fridays. In fact, for many schools around the nation, school on Friday has already been abolished. This letter is of regards to those who believe (and have not received) that school on Friday should be terminated! Students who go to school - whether it be elementary, middle, or high school - have always wanted less school. I, along with the rest, do believe that decreasing school days would be very beneficial for students as well as teachers.
School provides a lot of work. There are eight total classes in a semester, and sometimes it can be hard to keep up with everything that school asks of its students. Because of all the work, students tend to ignore the requirements school has. (For example, students will ignore due dates or study suggestions.) However, taking Fridays off (and replacing the days with extra weeks of school) will provide success for the students.
As of 2012, the average high school student average GPA is 3.34. I believe this number may increase with less school. Why do I say so? In school, there is usually a specific task at hand with nothing else being done accepted as appropriate. For example, if someone is studying History in science class, it is considered inappropriate. Without schools on Fridays, students could study what they want when they want.
GPAs will increase with a well-balanced education. There will be less failing classes as an overall. Usually teachers provide students with a lot of schoolwork that can be completed upon thorough studying. However, there’s no room left to do well in any other classes. A student can study really hard to get an A in one class, but barely pass all the other classes or study moderately to have al...

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... spend time with with family and friends.” It is very clear that getting rid of school on Friday is very beneficial to students as well as teachers in success, and teachers not having to reiterate EVERYTHING multiple times.
But the students are not the only ones benefitting from this. Oh, no. Teachers will have more time to grade work, overall reducing that stress. Also, teachers will get more times for vacation and spending time with family. So, with no school on Friday, teachers are also presented with advantages.
School, without Friday, in conclusion, is very beneficial to both teachers and students regarding education as well as personal time spent for fun.
I hope this is taken into consideration.

"University of Wisconsin - Green Bay." High School Grade Point Average. University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, n.d. Web. 15 Apr. 2014.

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