The Benefits of Napping Essay

The Benefits of Napping Essay

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“Why do you look so tired?” my mom questioned scanning my gloomy, worn-out face.
“Um, well… I slept late last night perfecting my homework,” I stated tiredly, hoping she would just go away and leave me alone as I did my homework.
“Wow,” she said sounding a little bit disappointed, “you should just take a nap!”
“Nah, I need to finish my homework.”
“Okay, Sophie,” my mom responded unsurely.
Glad that she had finally gone away, I continued reading the section my science teacher had assigned for homework in the textbook. In minutes, I was fighting to stay awake as I read the awfully boring section. After a few seconds of fighting with myself, I fell asleep on my science book.
“SOPHIE! SOPHIE!”I heard a voice calling me as I woke up hazily. Looking around, I realized it was my mom calling me. She was shaking me awake as she giggled, “I told you that you should’ve taken a nap! Now, go along, finish your homework.”
Embarrassed, I did the best I could to wake myself up and continued reading the section. After a short while, I couldn’t stay up any longer, and I concluded that I had to take a nap. Once I arose from my sleep, I had realized that I had slept for FOUR HOURS! I was feeling fresh and new and was ready for anything.
Naps are a popular resting activity in various countries. People of all ages, races, sizes, and religions take naps. Some people take naps every day, and some take naps once in a while. Either way, naps can help us in a variety of ways whether it’s with our physical or mental performance. Therefore, naps should be taken on a regular basis to help increase one’s energy levels, tired or relaxed. It has been proven that naps can help improve performance, help reduce the number of mistakes that could be made, and can he...

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...“A nap can be a pleasant luxury, a mini-vacation. It can provide an easy way to get some relaxation and rejuvenation.” ( These short periods of shuteye allow one to feel refreshed and increase one’s cognitive performance.
Naps are a great thing to spend your free time doing and should be done daily. Naps help improve your physical performance by making you feel proactive. Also, naps help reduce the number of mistakes you might make in a day and make you more alert in your surroundings. Lastly, naps help renew your energy and help you feel brand new. Naps of all lengths are healthy for your body and can improve your cognitive and physical performance.

(Source #1) “How Much Sleep is Enough?”
(Source #2) “The Secret Truth about Napping”
(Source #3) “Ask the Sleep Doctor”

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