Essay on Benefits Of Mobile Marketing Strategies

Essay on Benefits Of Mobile Marketing Strategies

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Marketing opportunities are endless with the use of mobile devices and the use of effective mobile marketing strategies. Direction communication to the target audience, anytime, anywhere is what it offers. We are in a social era, which is mostly characterized by the convenience of using the Internet and all things mobile. Essentially, mobile marketing is an absolutely must in a technological environment that is constantly changing. Consumers rely on their mobile device to swipe and search every second they get. The consumer experience is critical to every brand that pursues the mobile marketing marketplace. Whatever your business mobile strategy, one must acknowledge that it must create a seamless and effortless consumer experience that not only reinforces your brand, but also engages the consumer across every component. No matter where or how the consumer accesses your brand, the experience needs to feel consistent. Firms continue to struggle to measure the effectiveness of mobile marketing.
One reason firms struggle to measure the effectiveness of mobile could be the lack of understanding consumer behavior. “It is no secret that marketers are struggling to keep up with the explosion of digital channels for consumers and brands to interact. Mobile has long been thought of as an emerging channel, yet data recently collected by Compete sister company LightSpeed Research suggests that mobile should no longer be thought of as an emerging channel for consumers. 54% of consumers report having access to a smartphone with Internet access – approaching the number of consumers with a laptop and/or desktop computer (Caine, 2013).” Consumer behavior is the driving force behind the increased use of mobile marketing. As a result,...

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... of the reasons companies and retailers should engage in mobile marketing to stay ahead of consumer’s trends and behaviors. Companies use mobile marketing in a variety of ways that put them directly in contact with individuals. Very few customers are willingly to give their phone number to advertisers. The most conventional method of encouraging opt-ins is a good, old-fashioned enticement, such as offering a small discount or possibly free service when one opt into receiving messages. Many companies use mobile marketing as a way to engage audiences, asking questions or giving alerts about future events. Whether a company has future deals, daily coupons and/or new products, text messaging proves to be a common method of informing consumers. Messages that actively involve recipients rather than simply advertise are those that find greater results and fewer opt-outs.

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