Benefits of Military Service Essay

Benefits of Military Service Essay

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Mandatory military service is a course to make a fit and capable citizen. First of all, military service can help one's character . More specifically it gives good tools so that people can work well in a team, be more organized in everyday event and good discipline. Secondly, it can offer education to people in need. Furthermore it will help people in bad neighbourhoods or is living trough a thought time and give those without the means to be in a home and have a job. Thirdly but not least mandatory military service could be looked at as a dept owed to one's country, loved ones who are protected if ever needed and most important to our right to democracy.
Firstly a good work ethic is important in any job, in the military they teach you how to work as a team. Giving people a good sense a leadership and teamwork. Meaning people will know how to be better while working with other people. Making them a good and adequate person. As Jane Dyer explains the meaning of military teamwork on .
''Teamwork is a fundamental lesson in the military. At basic training, you learn about being a member of a unit. You do not focus on the first person to cross the finish line. You do not focus on the last person to cross the finish line. What matters most — what matters entirely — is that every unit member understands that everyone crosses the finish line"(
This quote by Jane Dyer shows how the military training system makes it so that no one get left behind and gets you to co-operate with other people. showing that its not impotent what only benefits you but what benefits your hole team. Teamwork is an important value to have when working anywhere this is one of the may that mandatory military service can provide.
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...datory military service can provide a way for people achieve a greater life. With the military young adult in need of a better environment would become improved in what ever those people were going to do in life. This will give people job opportunities and more dedication to life. A mandatory military service for all people between the ages of 18 and 24 would only bring good to society.
Mandatory military service may also give people foster children that have just turned 18 an opportunity to start off well. The military give an all paid education with living accommodations and many other privileges

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