Benefits Of Mere Fitness And Motor Functioning Essay

Benefits Of Mere Fitness And Motor Functioning Essay

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Whilst not a widely known concept, the role that the environment and the natural world play in all of our lives is a vastly underestimated one. Not only can outdoor trekking and bush walking offer such health benefits that come from moderate continual exercise, but participation in the other outdoor activities and the natural world as a whole, can indeed have health benefits that extend far beyond the benefits of mere fitness and motor functioning in instead include physiological, social, mental biological and economic benefits (Pryor, Carpenter, & Townsend, 2005). Some of these including positive mental manipulation (Sugerman, 2007), increased imagination and creativity (Dowdell, Gray, & Malone, 2011), whilst other studies and research have highlighted therapeutic benefits as an alternative means to traditional medicine (Pryor, Carpenter, & Townsend, 2005), as well as an overall trait of upholding a good wellbeing and level of emotional content with life (Kingsley, Townsend, & Henderson-Wilson, 2009) (Pasanen, Tyrväinen, & Korpela, 2014).

One particular health benefit which appears to be consistent with participation in outdoor recreation and activities, is benefits specifically regarding the aspect of human mental health. The natural environment and outdoor setting is a highly useful forum in which to help individuals break away from and even supress depressive symptoms associated with mental illnesses, as well as develop an innate sense of mental and emotional wellbeing. Understandably, while activity in the outdoors such as kayaking and rock climbing can bring about various physical fitness benefits, studies examining the mental impacts, (Pasanen, Tyrväinen, & Korpela, 2014), (Sugerman, 2007) and (Pryor, Carpenter, & Townsen...

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...osed that interaction in the outdoors and natural atmosphere can contribute to the healthy human-nature connection as is explored in the study of ecology.

From these studies and evidence within these articles, it can be seen that there is a clear correlation between the maintaining of a healthy lifestyle and the level of interaction which individuals partake in with the natural world around them. Breaking away from the high pressure and urbanised setting of the modern world can be seen to impact the human life in a surplus of practical and essential benefits, these including physiological, social, mental biological and economic benefits (Pryor, Carpenter, & Townsend, 2005). Furthermore, prolonged interaction with the natural world and its diverse flora and fauna can be seen to develop a deeper ecological connection between human beings and their physical surrounds.

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