Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Benefits of Medical Marijuana

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In an the article titled medical use of marijuana the topic is that of people who uses marijuana for medical reasons verses those who uses it just because. There are indications that marijuana is sometimes used to alleviate pain from cancer, to reduce nausea from chemotherapy, and to mitigate the wasting syndrome of AIDS. Studies have suggested that the medical use of marijuana is common among people with HIV/AIDS (CAMJ). There was a survey that involved telephone interviews with Ontario male adults eighteen years and older and completed with 2508 people. In the weighted sample 49 respondents reported using marijuana for a medical reason in the year preceding the survey, a total of 173 respondents reported using marijuana, but not for medical reasons. The remaining 2305 respondents in the weighted sample reported no use of marijuana in the preceding year (CAMJ). In this article it was also stated that compared with nonusers, those who use marijuana for any reason tend to be younger, more likely to have alcohol problems and more likely to have used cocaine in their lifetime. Those who use marijuana for medical reasons were similar to other users but more likely to use cocaine. About 2 percent of the population can claim the right to use marijuana for medical reasons, considering their needs, confronts the growth of a system to make sure they have entry to quality-controlled marijuana for medical use and could increase arguments for decriminalization of marijuana for personal use. The use of marijuana for any reason was linked with a male, comparative youth, smoking cigarettes, a lot of drinking, and the use of cocaine (CAMJ). Additional research has to be performed to decide whether uses with alcohol, drugs and other lifestyle choices influence the want for marijuana use and viewpoint in its medical benefits.
Marijuana also known as weed is a preparation of leafy material from the Cannabis plant that is smoked. There are different types of Cannabis from the sativa to the indica. A high grade of Marijuana is called sinsemilla. The main psychoactive agent is the delta-9- tetrahydrocannabinol also known as THC. When the cannabinoid particles are smoked, THC is absorbed very fast into the blood and distrusted first to the brain and then emptied into the rest of the body. Within thirty minutes of absorption much has left the brain. Within five to ten minutes the peak mood- altering and cardiovascular effects will occur together.

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The THC that is remaining in the blood has a half-life of about 19 hours (drugs & behavior Chap15). When the THC enters the brain it causes the urge to feel euphoric, euphoric meaning “high”. THC stimulates the brain cells to release the chemical dopamine. Another side effect is relaxation. Marijuana use impairs a person’s ability to form new memories and to actually focus. THC also messes up your balance and coordination by binding two receptors in the cerebellum and basal ganglia; this makes learning, driving, and participation a little more difficult. People who have taken bigger doses of marijuana will probably experience some type of hallucination or delusions. THC also increases your heart rate (Drug Abuse). Epidemiological data shows that marijuana is the most widely used illicit drug in the world (Drugs & Behavior Chap15). An article posted in 2012, discussed a topic of how there was a debate on whether marijuana should be reclassified as a dangerous drug with no accepted medical use. The year before the article was posted the Drug Enforcement Administration rejected a petition by medical marijuana advocates to change the classification, which kept marijuana in the same category as drugs such as heroin. The DEA concluded that there wasn't a consensus opinion among experts on using marijuana for medical purposes (CBS). There are different ways that marijuana can be used; one is used by smoking through oral connections. Other way include: a glass pipe, hookah and bongs (HAIL). Marijuana is used by some in a medical way and to some just for relaxation. When smoking Marijuana you can have some other effects such as redness of the eyes, dry mouth or throat, and your appetite may increase.
In the Article on the medical use of marijuana, there were some things that I agreed with and some I did not agree with. The first thing I would like to discussion would be the fact of marijuana being used as a medical reason. I have heard a lot of discussions on how it is used in a medical way; one being the treatment of glaucoma; being the illness of the eyes. I do not understand how a drug as such marijuana can treat anything when it also causes a lot of problems within the body and brain. In the article there was a statement on how marijuana is used for the treatment of pain from cancer. When reading on lung cancer one of the reasons that a person can get lung cancer would be from smoking cigarettes and also marijuana. Cannabis smoke contains many of the same carcinogens as tobacco smoke, including greater concentrations of certain aromatic hydrocarbons, prompting fears that continual marijuana breathing may be a risk factor for tobacco-use related cancers (NORML). Now there are a lot of articles where they are saying that marijuana helped with some cancer patients. Marijuana has become more broadly considered recently for its healing properties, but the area is no longer restricted to people anguish from hurting ,vomiting, nervousness, restlessness or anorexia. It has been revealed that breast cancer patients are helped with marijuana through straight anticancer procedures that the cannabis type is able to provide (Guardian). I feel like this is amazing that marijuana can help some cancer patients, but I do not understand how it would not created some type of lung cancer or at least make the patients sicker being that marijuana can also be a cause of a type of cancer .
Like stated before, the article of the medical use of marijuana, did a survey on the use of marijuana. The problem I found was that the survey was done over the phone to men eighteen years and older from Ontario. Being that they only chose people from Ontario that does not mean that this survey include all men or people in the United States. Another problem is that they did the survey over the phone which these men may have been honest or may have not been. A lot of those men who said that they did not use marijuana at all probably were scared of getting in trouble. They may have felt like they were being set up to tell on themselves. Also the forty nine respondents who said they use marijuana for medical reason could have also been lying because they probably felt like someone told on them and they may as well admit to using marijuana but also by telling a lie. This survey also leaves out men that are under the age of eighteen, me personally I know that there are a lot of younger boys that use marijuana sometimes more than the men. Another thing that survey did not include was women, though it does say that in other population studies the most associated sex with marijuana is male, women still do also use the drug marijuana. Also the survey is questioning about the preceding year which means the year or time before the survey was taken. So this gives the respondents a chance to not talk about the present. Another thing that is a disapproved situation in this article is that the survey in the article was dated back in 1998; that was almost sixteen years ago. Times have changed since then and still are changing. The article should have started a new survey or used an up to date one. Though the article itself was written back in 2000 two years after the survey was done, one would have to think of how many things have went on and changed since the year of 1998 to the year of 2000. I also feel as if though the sample size should have been spreaded throughout the United States that way we can get a more variety result. As taught in my statics class, no survey will be one hundred percent accurate because there is someone is not going to tell the truth or either there will be some mistake.
“Compared with nonusers, those who used marijuana for any reason tended to be younger, more likely to have alcohol problems and more likely to have used cocaine in their lifetime. Those who reported using marijuana for a medical reason were similar to the other users but were more likely to have used cocaine” (CMAJ). The previous quoted statement was topic that had me thinking as well. I do not support this statement because I do not see how someone with medical problems that have use marijuana was more likely to use cocaine. Though they have done a survey or a study on it, it just does not seem like this is correct to me. In a reading on ten facts about marijuana use, it was stated that people who use marijuana usually never use any other illicit drug. Those who have used illicit drugs which are less popular such as heroin then go and use marijuana. People who are marijuana users that try another drug usually get addicted to that drug (Facts). To me I would not understand how someone who is already sick that gets marijuana for medical reasons would use another drug when they get to legally enjoy what illegal marijuana users have to do illegally. If one is already sick and on medical marijuana why would they want to use another drug that will be addicting and will end up killing them eventually. Though everyone is different it just seems that some people would smart with their decisions especially when their body is already going though enough problems.
The medical use of marijuana article explains a lot of interesting things including that marijuana is most common among those who have HIV and Aids. Some of the topics in the article were a tad bit questioning and some were eye opening. Within this paper one of things that is most interesting is that the use of marijuana can be used to relieve cancer patients from pain and nausea. Though there are a lot of reasons why people use marijuana; the main reason I get when I ask is that, “it eases your mind”.


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