Essay on Benefits Of Meals On Wheels

Essay on Benefits Of Meals On Wheels

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Meals on Wheels is an organization that is very important to me. It began in Great Britain during World War II, when The Women’s Volunteer Service (Gibson, 1995) began to prepare and deliver meals to displaced individuals from canteens. Since then it has still proven to be a staple in many communities especially for our seniors. It helps provide nutritious meals which help deduce the admission rate to the frail and sickly ones. It serves as a beacon of hope in disadvantaged areas. I have recently interviewed a volunteer by the name Ryan Wiley. He serves as one of much meal delivery drivers for meals on wheels. At 27 years old Ryan Wiley has been delivering meals for two years. With his very busy life that consists of a wife and two children you might think Mr. Wiley does not have the time or energy to commit to this cause. I asked him what drives him to provide charitable in his very busy life. Mr. Wiley explained to me how he enjoys giving back to the community. His grandmother who recently passed away at the age of 89 was part of the meal-on-wheels program. Meal-on Wheels provided the nutritious meals that he was unable to deliver to her as she lived so far away from the rest of the family. Meals on Wheels not only provided nutritious meals, but they provided the day to day contact his grandmother needed, which helped her from feeling isolated and alone. I really admire Mr. Wiley’s dedication towards the program. With his grandmother’s passing it reinforces his duty to help others. Another question I asked Mr. Wiley is there an application or fee. Yes says Mr. Wiley there is a $65.00 fee which include a one-time $5.00 application fee for you meals. This low cost amount covers the cost of your food. You may also apply for financ...

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...eas. It brings about social awareness to issues that are hidden in our country in regards to the relations of citizens in the lower, middle and upper class. This organization helps combat the ongoing battle of readmission rate of our senior population. This program not only provides the nutritious meals needed but provides the under strengthens the love we as people should have toward each other as everyone eventually needs some sort of help and aid. Imagine a world without any sort of social welfare, as our senior population is growing as many people are living longer and may not have the resources to provide a nutritious meal. Nevertheless issues will a raise I can only imagine how many more we would have without such a wonderful organization. Regardless Meals on Wheels is a very special program that is in a small but enormous light making the world a better place

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