Essay about Benefits Of Low Income Areas

Essay about Benefits Of Low Income Areas

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Low-income areas, especially stores who accept food stamps, have very low quantities of healthy foods; but the government has the power to secure more quantities of healthy food in those same areas, claim Thomas Farley and Russel Sykes, who wrote “See No Junk Fook, Buy No Junk Food,” a 2015 The New York Times article. Farley and Sykes also reason that low-income areas are less likely to have supermarkets with multiple healthy food options and more likely to have convenience stores that largely sell unhealthy food. Furthermore, what needs to change in low-income areas is their options in convenience stores that have a ratio of shelf space of 30 to 1 (unhealthy foods to healthy foods), because fresh fruits and vegetables can only be found in one of six low-income ZIP codes, starkly juxtaposed with one of two high-income ZIP codes. But the government has options: financial incentives for users of food stamps and ultimately banning the consumption of unhealthy foods with food stamps, and the shelf space in stores that accept food stamps should invest more space to healthy foods as well as set a limited amount of unhealthy foods that they carry. Farley and Sykes used set-in-stone statistics, logical solutions, and charged language to effectively persuade their readers that the government needs to step in on “food deserts” of low-income areas.
Set-in-stone statistics are the bridge between raw data, knowledge, and understanding. One goal of Farley and Sykes’ was to find a way to support the idea that there’s an abundance of unhealthy foods, and they found that statistical reasoning did so the best. First, they had to build a foundation for their statistics by giving background information, then the statistics were presented. For example...

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...Sykes successfully persuaded their readers that the low quantities of healthy food in low-income areas can and needs to be addressed by the government, particularly SNAP; thus, the reader can see this through the application of statistics, a logical solution, and charged language. As a reader, I was personally moved by this article. Residing in a low-income area myself, I know what it’s like to go to the corner store with my mom’s food stamp card just for junk food, because they don’t have much more to offer. In fact, there has been many times where all I ate was junk food for the whole day; but Farley and Sykes put everything into perspective for me, especially with their employment of statistics. Their use of statistics helped me to realize how big the problem is that America faces, and I’m no longer blinded to the fact that nutrition in America has to get better.

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