Benefits Of Liquid Biopsies On The Blood Testing Of Tumor Development

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Everything about china is big. Their inventions, the great wall of china, their population, including its cancer problem. In wealthy cities like Beijing, cancer is known to be its most frequent killer. Air pollution, high rates of smoking, and notorious cancer villages scarred by industrial pollution are increasing death rates around the country. Today I will discuss the benefits of liquid biopsies in the blood testing of tumor development. Liquid biopsy is basically a liquid biomarker that results in blood tests that detect cancer cells or DNA that tumours shed into the blood. On February 16, 2015 Hopkins Medicine published a video of Chetan Bettegowda, M.D., proclaimed, “The primary goal of our research in our laboratories is to develop methods, to detect cancer using noninvasive techniques.” The three benefits of liquid biopsies in the blood testing of tumour development that I will discuss about is the early response on the detection of the cancer, its effect of a noninvasive procedure, and last, understanding what molecular changes are happening to the tumour in real time. To begin, I will discuss about the benefits of early response in liquid biopsies. The detection of cancer cells in the blood has long been impossible to achieve. This new method, known as a liquid biopsy, holds the promise of detecting cancer much earlier and accurately than current methods today. A liquid biopsy, or blood sample, can provide the landscape of all genetic cancer types. These tests can provide hope because they are designed to detect bits of cancer DNA in the blood of cancer patients and otherwise healthy people. In a May 11, 2015 article from U.S News & World News, Marilynn Marchione, quotes patient, described, "Had this test not been... ... middle of paper ... ...a given patient – or whether it time to switch to something else more effective.”, In conclusion, there are many benefits of receiving a liquid biopsy such as the detection of early response, the non invasive procedure, and last, being able to quickly understand and see the molecular changes that are happening to the tumour. Liquid biopsy, combined with personalized therapies, has the potential to transform cancer from a deadly disease to a chronic but manageable one. Allowing physicians to properly monitor and modify the course of treatment for patients based on their response to therapy. On September 29, 2014 author Giuseppe Curigliano of an article in the European Society For Medical Oncology stated, “It is hard for me to not be to excited about the benefits they can offer to patients and I believe that they will be invaluable to cancer research and treatment.”

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