Benefits Of Joining The Military Essay

Benefits Of Joining The Military Essay

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Teachers, Family, and even people you meet on the street always asks me at least once what I am going to do with my future. I had my life planned out for me when I was young. My father is retired Navy and wanted me to join the Air Force for as long as I remember. I considered more options then just military. In the middle and high schools I was pushed to college. I assumed the only options I had was college or military.
The benefits of joining the military is great. From what my family told me. I would get transportation to wherever the boot camp is for Air Force. I would never get fired unless something disastrous. I would get free room and board, a advanced paycheck and travel the world. I could even get a free scholarship for my choice of college when I 'm out. Though, from experiences shown with my family. I 've come to know that you don 't really get a lot of these things or at a high amount. My dad never got free transportation where he needed to go and if he did it was at the wrong time. He lived at Virginia on base and never moved, so not much traveling. He wasn 't paid much...

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