Essay about Benefits Of Joining A Professional Organization

Essay about Benefits Of Joining A Professional Organization

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There are many benefits to joining a professional organization and individuals become a member for a variety of reasons, but it is typically to advance or advocate for their career (Sullivan, 2001). Professional nursing organizations advocate for their members and nurses in general by providing a powerful influence and the support needed to meet changes in the world of healthcare (Matthews, 2012). According to Haley-Andrews, belonging to a professional nursing organization is important for nurses of all proficiencies. Membership can enhance the career of veteran nurses or play a critical part in creating a successful beginning for new graduate nurses (Haley-Andrews, 2001).
Professional Nursing Organizations
Professional nursing organizations have many benefits for their members, including; continued education and leadership opportunities, networking, mentor programs, and most importantly, professional nursing organizations advocate for their members (Haley-Andrews, 2001). It is not unusual for new graduates to find a mentor in a professional organization (Haley-Andrews, 2001). Mentoring is a mutual relationship that will develop new skills and knowledge for a novice nurse and also provides professional and leadership development for an expert nurse (Haley-Andrews, 2001). Other educational and leadership opportunities offered through a professional organization include participation in research, writing articles for the organization’s journal, and running for an executive position in the organization (Frank, 2005).
Networking is important in a profession that is constantly evolving. Nurses are able to work with other nurses to solve issues that may affect healthcare in a particular area (Frank, 2005). Networking also provides shari...

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...vity. Hennigan (personal communication, September 9, 2014) also states that joining the expansion would impact patients’ health positively through the promotion of preventative health measures.
For these reasons, the GKAAPRN members and group executives are working to influence legislature to vote for the Medicaid Expansion in Tennessee. T. Bland (personal communication, September 9, 2014) states that GKAARPN is advocating for East Tennessee by writing letters to Governor Haslam and constantly educating the public. This new organization shows promise to grow because members and executives follow the mission by advocating for APRNs and patients in East Tennessee.
As a member of a professional nursing organization, one could expect to see a positive influence on personal and professional growth which would then improve their nursing practice (Frank, 2005).

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