Essay on Benefits Of Increasing Minimum Wage

Essay on Benefits Of Increasing Minimum Wage

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There are roughly 8 million working americans that live below the poverty line. Over the past few years there have been many discussions between economist, POTUS, and this year presidential candidates about increasing the hourly wage for americans, but little progress have been made. A number of states took matter into their own hands and went forward by passing a bill to increase minimum wage. Although many business owners may be against the increase, by increasing the minimum wage it can improve many things such as productivity in a workplace, the economy, and it can also give families with a single parent the financial stability needed.
When it comes to working an hourly paid job many of us want a wage that can provide us with paying our bills, food on the table, and our basic necessities. Then you have single parents who have to settle for a minimally paid job to support themselves as well as their kid(s). With a household of two or more it’s hard to survive based off of a low paying job. For many parents It’s not their ideal plan to be working at a fast food restaurant, but as a parent you have responsibilities. You also have some single parents who have to seek for government assistance such as Housing Authority, Food Stamps, and Medicaid.
When we hear the possibility of increasing the minimum wage our eyes light up, and our minds start racing just thinking of how different our life can be if this actually happens. Everything that sounds good isn’t always good, but with this plan it can take the stress off of families who have financial problems. It can finally give them the stability they need, provide them with extra spending money , be able to afford all the good things they could never afford for their kids and them...

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...emand for a job wouldn’t be so high. Majority of businesses will most likely have reached their quota for workers and wouldn’t need an extra penny spent on a new worker. This would obviously cause unemployment to rise some but not enough to notice, as people would still be searching for some type of income.
The increase of minimum wage has it advantages along with its disadvantages that affect businesses, people, and the economy. Some of the advantages are happier employees, decrease on the poverty level, and receiving a larger pay. Some of the disadvantages are rise in unemployment, higher price goods, and the potential closing of small businesses and firms. Even though some economist and your section of americans may argue the increase , I strongly believe Texas as a whole should look at the progress made from other states due to the increase and make a change.

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