The Benefits of Improved Medical Technology Essay

The Benefits of Improved Medical Technology Essay

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In the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, technology has increased worldwide and affected many aspects of human life. Unarguably, advancement in technology over the years has made our lives easier. Advances in research, diagnosis, and treatment, (particularly during the past couple of generations) have significantly contributed to both the length and quality of human life. Medical Technology has improved humanity physically through Surgery, Diagnostics and the use of information technology in the administration of patient care.
From the beginning of time, human life has faced problems with diseases and health care. Ancient ailments have been with mankind as far as man can remember, such as arthritis and, infectious bone disease found in fossilized bones and Egyptian mummies, indicating its existence. Then a human life span was only 20-30years, chronic illnesses were rare and preventative medicine primarily consisted of warding off evil spirits by painting the body or sometimes even mutilating it (Mitchell, Heroun 37). As time went on and new “tools” better described as “technology” is created and applied the everyday use in many ways. For example; in the 1600’s the invention of the printing press quickly allowed for new books and information to be widely distributed. By the 18th century progress increased due to the rapid sharing of knowledge from one to the next. With the knowledge of many experiments and studies came the philosophy of “enlightenment” witch took on a more rational approach to problems and knowledge that can be read (Mitchell, Heroun 39). the In the early 19th century preventive medicine made great strides as the average human lifespan increased from 40 years in 1850 to 70 years in1950. As advances were m...

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... a woman named Phyllis who underwent brain surgery via HIFU for the treatment of a neurological disorder, the benefits of focused ultrasound, such as reduced damage to non-target tissue, and the potential of HIFU in drug delivery applications. This provides examples and techniques used in support of the surgery section of my paper.
Topol, Eric. "How Technology Is Transforming Health Care." US News. U.S.News & World Report, 12 July 2013. Web. 15 Feb. 2014.
This article highlights the creative technology and its uses in medicine today. There are examples and comparisons on the useful and destructive ways technology has impacted society. The author speaks directly about the benefits of improved technology in healthcare as well as a wide range of other fields. This source will help support my claims of how medical technology has improved by providing descriptive facts.

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