The Benefits of Implementing a Homeowners Association Essay

The Benefits of Implementing a Homeowners Association Essay

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Purchasing my first home was a monumental moment for me, yet there were so many steps involved. The acquisition was a process, far more extensive than I had ever realized. I had select criteria, and felt I satisfied this well. As a mother I needed a clean and safe environment in which to raise my daughter; as a first time home-buyer, I had to do this within a modest budget. I found a quiet little neighborhood on the edge of town; it was a dream come true. It was the perfect family neighborhood. I bought a cute little house in a cul-de-sac, no more apartments, and no more stringent guidelines. I had a protected investment and felt in control. I am not an experienced home-buyer, so it is quite possible I missed a few warning signs. My neighborhood is replete with rental properties. Neighbors came and went, few with lasting ties. There was a noticeable decline in property maintenance, as well as morale. If you’ve ever mistaken the neighbor’s home for a yard sale, then you know what must be done. In order to protect our investments, the residents of Windsor Village need to organize a homeowner’s association.
Poor property maintenance in Windsor Village is an area of great concern. Appearance is a key factor in either buying or selling a home. Towns establish by-laws in attempt to ensure this, the problem is these by-laws are fairly limited, and not always enforced. Property value can rapidly decline as a result of this. Neighborhood comradery helps, but the decisions of others affect all. In the absence of covenants, freedoms are unlimited. Your new neighbor may decide to paint their property in a hot pink with bright yellow trim, you are victim to this. What once was the neighborhoo...

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...ring peace, and increasing moral. This is all necessary in order to protect our investments. The implementation of a homeowners association is a simple process, and the concerns are minimal. Homeowners associations have been criticized for having excessively restrictive rules and regulations on homeowners. Too stringent of regulations established by the homeowners association may suppress the rights of the residents. This can be easily avoided, in an existing neighborhood, as we are in control of our elections. We are all faced with the same problem, and provided with a feasible and effective solution.
Implementing a homeowners association will greatly benefit the residents of Windsor Village. We have the power to restore our property values, and the appearance of our neighborhood. Together this can be easily accomplished, and provide a lasting solution.

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