Essay on The Benefits of Humor for Our Health

Essay on The Benefits of Humor for Our Health

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Norman Cousins said, “Laughter is a powerful way to tap positive emotions" (Moss 1). Humor is studied by many researchers in sociology, psychology, art, literature, and medicine. When people wonder whether humor aids in areas other than health, a treasure trove of possible benefits to the learning or educational community is opened up. Humor can be used as a tool to promote learning.Research speaks to the many benefits of humor in healing, to its benefits in the classroom or boardroom, from reducing stress of students or employees, to boosting self-esteem and feelings of camaraderie. Additionally, studies show that those who use humor to convey a message are often more favorably perceived. Humor helps deliver the presenter's message to his/her target audience better because that audience is more receptive, as noted in the case studies. Laughter is a key element in the mind, body, and spirit connection because of its power of positivity, this serves as a great link between feeling good and learning The question is whether humor works as a positive learning tool since evidence shows it works in positive ways in other areas such as healing. Laughter has been shown to be an effective learning aid as evidenced by some key findings. Specifically, research points to humor's positive benefits in the classroom setting. In an issue of College Teaching, a detailed article speaks to the many benefits of humor in lessons (Stambor, 2006). The study details Sam Houston State University psychologist Dr. Randy Garner's work, which uses humor to teach research findings. In one situation, he used a joke to engage the audience and showed that students "were more likely to recall a statistics lecture when it was interjected with jokes about relevan...

... middle of paper ... demonstrated in Gardner’s study by Eric J. Romero and Kevin W. Cruthirds. To support the idea that humor is helping students connect to learning, especially to difficult material, along with higher teacher ratings in those classes, would strengthen the arguments made by researchers such as Gardner and Romero with Cruthirds. Another way looking at this question from a social science perspective that sheds light on the provision is if humor aids in healing and learning, how else might it benefit individuals and society? It is the foundation of what Dr. Claude Bristol speaks of in his “Magic of Believing” that basically states that people’s thoughts have power. This opens up a whole dynamic of what research into a question like this can uncover from a social science perspective because this idea is woven into the mind, body, spirit connection of humanity.

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