The Benefits of Homemade Dog Food Essay

The Benefits of Homemade Dog Food Essay

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In recent times, there have been far too many recalls regarding store bought dog food. People do not realize what they are actually feeding their beloved pet. Unhealthy store bought dog food, and the negative effects they bring about, can result in owners switching over to homemade dog food. Most people want what is the best for their cuddly best friend. There are many reasons why homemade dog food is a better choice than store bought, such as homemade dog food being healthier, it has a multitude of differing tastes, one has the ability to monitor exactly what their pet consumes, and it's also financially cheaper, which most anyone can get behind. Homemade dog food simply has more benefits and is the healthier choice for a person’s furry loved one, over store bought, factory processed, mass produced dog food.
One of the main reasons homemade dog food is becoming more of a popular choice is the many benefits that it provides for the pet from a health standpoint. All dogs need a healthy, quality, vet-recommended meal that is unfortunately not found in commercial or store brand dog food. With the store bought packaging saying "Healthier choice", it does not mean that it is indeed the healthier choice. It may be healthier than cheaper dog food brand alternatives, but it is not the ideal choice a person can make for their furry companion. When it comes to feeding your dog homemade food, the health benefits are far superior than feeding them cheap store brand food. For example, store bought food has a lower quality nutrient content and can make your dog feel tired and worn out with empty calories. On the other hand, homemade dog food can fill your dog full of energy and bring new life to the family’s four-legged companion. When cooki...

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...e passed to the dog making them very ill and even cause death. Another example of this is serving the pet antibiotics or other toxic drugs, which can also lead to the pet getting sick or causing death. Dr. Terifaj recommends serving the furry family member fresh proteins, carbohydrates, and vegetables. He also recommends doing plenty of research on the brand of dog food being chose. This way the dog is ensured to be provided with a healthy meal to extend its life.
Homemade dog food can also be cheaper than its commercial competitor. It is very easy to make right at home. One could possibly even have most of the ingredients in their household already. Here are a few ingredients one may already have in their kitchen; carrots, green beans, peas, chicken, rice, peeled potatoes, or oats. Using these home ingredients will be far cheaper than buying commercial dog food.

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