Benefits Of Having Knowledge About Hospice Services Essay

Benefits Of Having Knowledge About Hospice Services Essay

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Having knowledge about hospice services can definitely be an asset to both the patient and their family. Home health is an agency that assists the elderly or impaired in rehabilitating and maintaining daily living. This service can provide a skilled nurse, a certified nurses’ assistant, a social worker, a nutritionist and physical therapy. The nurse will assess the patient and recommend a care plan for that patient based on examination. That care plan is approved by the nursing supervisor and doctor for treatment. The nurse also recommends an aide care plan, which is when the CNA will visit the patient for daily routine tasks. That can be bathing, medicine organization, some companies even have CNAs going to doctors’ visits, or small errands for that patient. Physical therapy is a service that gives the patients a chance to be independent again. The social worker will make a visit to view and evaluate the patient’s state of mind, whether they are in a safe environment, or are they a hazard to themselves in their own residence. Social workers can also assist with different resources such as: Social Services, Meals on Wheels, transportation to doctor’s appointment. Implemented to assist those with and without help from family or not, this definitely is very appreciated from patients. Patients that are active with the agency have a 24/hr. call number in case of any emergencies. This specific agency has referred patients to hospice and has been of a sister and brother branch. When it comes to the spiritual state of mind there are Chaplains (pastors) of different religions that are available also.
Religion definitely plays part when the end is near. The chaplains are a group of a variety of different pastors. Some patient...

... middle of paper ... lack of knowledge of and attitudes toward the benefit on the part of patients, families, and nursing home staff and administrators, as well as cultural differences between the two providers. As regards the attitudes of nursing home administrators, one study of 23 nursing homes in the same state found that rates of hospice use varied by facility from 2% to 39%.”( Hoffmann, Diane E; Tarzian, Anita J. The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 33.2 )
In understanding the benefits that hospice provides and the exceptional care given, take this next story about a man who was healthy, but his health took a turn for the worst. “John F. worked as a hard rock miner during his early adulthood, and then as a postal carrier until retirement. Even in old age, he remained a strong 6 '4", 225-pound man who enjoyed deep-sea fishing. Two days after his seventy-ninth birthday, John was

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